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How to get your products and services on AgTech Guide

We work hand in hand with companies with great products and services to communicate their offerings effectively to the marketplace. We strive for fair, balanced and valuable information, and we never provide preferential treatment to any single company. That’s why our users trust us.

If you’d like to get your company listed, fill out the form below and we’ll get you onboard AgTech Guide in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my company or product information listed on AgTech Guide.

If your product is listed on AgTech Guide, that means we’re working on a “Product Guide” in your category, e.g. “Livestock Management Software” or “Drift Control Technologies”. Depending on availability of your information online, our teams’ bandwidth and our current progress building the product guide – your profile may be more, or less, complete.

For vendors that sign up below, we do a free call with you to review your product offering and can add a number of additional fields to your company and product profiles, such as demo videos, more product screenshots, feature matrices, compatibility, and more.

To schedule a call with a product analyst, please fill out the form above.

How do I get my company, product or service listed on Agtech Guide?

So your product isn’t listed yet? We can fix that with your help. If you’d like to get your product on AgTech Guide, fill out the form above to speak to a product analyst. We can get you looking great on AgTech Guide.

We prioritize onboarding products as we start to build out Product Guide Categories, for example, “Livestock Management Software” or “Scouting Apps”. We may just not have gotten to your area of agriculture technology yet.

How much does it cost to list my product on AgTech Guide?

Generally, listing your company and its products on AgTech Guide is free for a basic listing. Just fill out the simple form below to schedule a call so we make sure we get your information correct.

Premium Accounts

For companies wishing to list verified profiles with more than 2 of the premium fields below, we require a premium account.


We price to be accessible to ANY AgTech company, big or small. All premium profiles get the ability to have the same information, and there is no preferential treatment.

The pricing depends on the number of product pages (the more products, the more work it is for our team to verify and onboard your product offerings). It also depends on the category of AgTech that you are in. We charge the same pricing to all companies in any given category to avoid any bias and remain independent.

A premium profile gives you the ability to:

  • Display a “Verified by AgTech Guide” badge on AgTech Guide and your website. We verify the your content is accurately and fairly represented to our users as part of the onboarding process.
  • Have a Product Analyst tailor your profile copy and appearance to stand out to customers.
  • Get unlimited customer leads
  • Add a demo video
  • Add Multiple product screenshots
  • Add a detailed feature / product detail matrix
  • Add full model or package details
  • 5 revisions per year
  • Add compatibility to other systems
  • Add product detail sheets
  • Get special Q&A Community forum permissions to interact with customers in a branded way
  • And we’re continually adding more premium features…

To contact us about pricing for a premium profile, please schedule a call above.